ARC Review: Little Mama by Halim Mahmouidi

ISBN: 139791032805800
Release Date: September 10 2019
Pages: 191
Format: ebook
Edition Language: English

Full Disclosure: I was given a digital version of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review

Little Mama follows the tumultuous childhood of a girl named Brenda who was abused by her mother and, subsequently, her mother’s boyfriend. This graphic novel brings up a lot of hard hitting topics centered around child abuse and it does not shy away from the brutality, turmoil and consequences that come out of being subjected to that type of lifestyle.

I feel that the book brought up a lot of solid issues/points when it came to the topic of child abuse (i.e: extreme highs and lows in the relationship(s) with the abuser(s), resorting to drugs/alcohol/therapy to cope with the abuse, a dysfunctional social service system, trying to break the cycle, etc). However, I feel that the writing was a little choppy and a bit hard to follow at points due to the fact that there were no clear transitions between time skip segments and there were certain panels where it was hard to figure out what was going on because the art was a bit messy. I feel that the graphic novel approach makes it hard to fully flesh out all the topics presented but I was left wishing that the story spent more time with each situation Brenda was put in instead of rushing through it and jumping to the next scene/situation. 

Regardless, this book will no doubt have a big emotional impact on the people who decide to pick it up.

Final Rating: 3 Stars