Biannual Bibliothon: Day 1 Recap!

The last Biannual Bibliothon started yesterday (July 11th) and I made sure to prepare for it ahead of time. I decided to get a head start on some of the books (namely Mooncakes, His Hideous Heart and Circe) the day before so that I had a higher chance of getting through all of the challenges by the end of the Bibliothon. I also started using the Google Sheets Readathon Reading Tracker made by the lovely LittleBookOwl to help me organize everything and to see my progress at a glance. Here’s a short break down of how my day went by book:

I was originally going to skip Aurora Rising completely because I didn’t have easy access to it (and Sci-Fi isn’t really my thing so it wasn’t a hard loss for me). By some twist of fate, Scribd decided to offer me a 30 day Free Trial (I already used up a trial sometime last year) so I decided to activate it and got the audiobook for Aurora Rising. I listened to it for about two hours while I did other things around the house and eventually stopped when I felt it was time to switch to other books.

I was about 55% of the way through Circe before the first day of the Bibliothon and I was determined to finish it on the first day. I made it all the way to the last 15 pages before I decided I had to go to bed because I was falling asleep left and right. Definitely plan to finish the last 15 pages on the second day.

I finished Mooncakes fairly quickly! I only had about 50 or so pages left to read of it after the prep I did the day before. Since it was an ARC (Advance Reader Copy), I wrote a simple post about it here in case anyone else is interested in picking it up when it comes out (October 15th 2019).

I was really excited to get through more of His Hideous Heart but I checked my email on a whim and found out that the library had sent me my requested ebook of A Torch Against the Night (the sequel to An Ember in The Ashes) 2 weeks ahead of the estimated time period that it was supposed to be available. I freaked out because I had just finished the first book 2 days prior and I was anxiously awaiting the second book. Now that I had a full list of Readathon books, I was panicked, Haha. I decided to swap in A Torch Against the Night to take His Hideous Heart‘s place for this Readathon but I can’t wait to come back to this book because it is really well executed (from what I have read so far).

As for the rest of my books, I didn’t make any progress on them. I definitely look forward to reading through them as the days go by, though, because I have heard nothing book good things about literally all of them!

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